Self-Care & Soulful Startup
The Signature VIP 6-week intensive program for professional career women who want to start a virtual service-based business that is in alignment with their passion, purpose, and potential for profit- without neglecting their health, well-being, or relationships!
(This is for you if you are feeling stressed, exhausted, or unfulfilled and are ready to prioritize holistic wellness and start a purposeful business you truly enjoy - perfect for those looking for the first steps to starting their website, social media, and business without leaving their 9-5!)
If you’re reading this, you most likely went to college, got a degree, started your corporate career, and did everything you were supposed to do.

You make a decent living and may even feel successful by society's standards.  

So why does it feel like something is missing? You can’t quite put your finger on it, but lately you’ve been feeling down, unenergized or just stuck- waking up every morning to go to a job that leaves you drained and unfulfilled.

You’ve thought about what it would feel like to feel truly happy, healthy and fulfilled at a deeper level. 

You’ve seen others work less hours than you and still have more financial freedom and the ability to spend time with loved ones and travel the world. 

Or you remember how much passion and excitement you once had about your future, but now you see nothing but work and just haven’t had the time or opportunity to do anything about changing that.

 Maybe you’ve even thought of starting your own business doing what you really love, but never took it seriously because you just don’t know where to even start, or if it’s even possible for you. 

 So you continue to go to your 9-5, show up where you’re supposed to be, and continue to let life take control and pass you by, hiding under the truth that you, with your unique presence and big dreams, were meant for so much more...
You know deep down that you're meant for more. 
But figuring out how to get there feels impossible and confusing
especially when you have no idea how to even get started!
You know deep down that you're meant for more. 
But figuring out how to get started feels impossible and confusing, 
especially when you have no idea what you even want to do!
You've graduated from college & gotten a degree.
You've even got yourself a decent, well-paying job and a potential career pathway! Sometimes you even think working 9-5 for the rest of your life is just what you're supposed to do, and there's not much you can do to change that.
But you still feel like something is missing in your life.
You constantly find yourself feeling anxious, depressed, or just stuck and unfulfilled while everything seems great on the outside, but only you know that you are meant for more than just the typical routine, day after day.
And on top of it all, you don't even know what to do, how to get started, or if any of this is even possible for you.
Your lack of time and expertise leaves you feeling like there's no way you can figure it all out and have the time and energy to get where you want to be...and the few people who are able to must have quit their 9-5 me, I get it. 
After yet another day following my typical routine of waking up, going to work, and an evening of Netflix before heading to bed to repeat it again the next day,  I couldn't take it decided once and for all that I was going to make a real change.

I declared that I would prioritize my self-care and holistic wellness because that is what I love, and start a business to teach others how to prioritize and monetize their passions too! 

... and guess what? Once I started doing what made me happy, it turned into a thriving business helping others do the same!
It is now my mission to help successful professional women prioritize self-care, women who want to create a business centered around their passion...women JUST. LIKE. YOU.
After yet another day following my typical routine of waking up, going to work, and an evening of Netflix before heading to bed to repeat it again the next day, I couldn't take it decided once and for all that I was going to make a real change.

I declared that I would prioritize my self-care and holistic wellness because that is what I love, and start a business to teach others how to prioritize and monetize their passions too! 

... and guess what? Once I started doing what made me happy, it turned into a thriving business helping others do the same!

It is now my mission to help successful professional women prioritize self-care, women who want to create a business centered around their passion...women JUST. LIKE. YOU.
I’m Fatima, a holistic wellness expert and living proof that you can wake up every day excited to work on what brings your life meaning. 
I’m here to help you go from a life of “not bad” to “unbelievably amazing” by working on yourself and creating a purposeful service based business online. And to make sure you know that it is possible for you, too.

How do I know this? Because I can totally relate!

 I went to my dream school, got my dream job, and finally had enough income to get my dream home within walking distance (literally a walk in the park).

 Finally, I thought I had it all. I thought this was my dream, to graduate college and get a decent paying job...but I couldn’t quite shake the lingering feeling that something was still missing. 


As the days passed me by, I realized more and more, that maybe I was meant for something more.

I realized that I was still not truly happy at a deeper level. 

I realized that I still felt fatigued and unenergized. 

And I realized that no matter how much I liked my job, I was still tied down to the schedule I was required to work, not to mention the often inevitable hierarchy of having a boss and having to follow rules that didn’t always make sense or benefit me, and just not being able to do things in my own way.

But I didn’t want to be like everyone else who either quit their 9-5 on a whim without thinking of the consequences and taking a huge risk, or staying tied to my 9-5 with no solid plans on if and how and when I could actually ever make that happen for myself.

With my job continuing to take up my time and my feeling of frustration day after day starting to consume my thoughts, I knew it was now or never.

Finally, I learned that taking the leap and just starting while I’m still in my 9-5 was the perfect solution to transition with because I could still rely on a consistent income, tolerate  work because I knew in the back of my mind that it was temporary, and still be excited everyday doing something I love as I work towards my ultimate dream of turning it into a full-time career. 

I realized that life is a journey of good and bad, challenges and wins, but the important thing is to realize that it’s not always black and white, all or nothing. 

I can still be growing while I’m feeling secure, and I can have periods of contentment and gratitude for everything I have while also having times where I’m motivated and inspired to take the necessary steps to reach new goals- goals that I resonate with, goals that change, and that’s okay! 

The internal and external journey are both important and necessary parts of a fulfilling life; if you are missing either aspect, you will always be out of alignment with your true self and that imbalance is exactly what keep you from living your best life.

So I went on a long search determined to find others who had found their calling, along with the deeper inner peace I so badly craved.

A few months later, my entire world turned upside down and I found myself at rock bottom...

And that is where I found it! 

In fact, it was everywhere. It was no secret, and so many people before me had done exactly what I was looking for this whole time. 

I met amazing mentors and teachers and guides who taught me exactly how to put it all together- my spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being, and a deeply fulfilling purpose that I was excited to wake up for every morning.

I discovered the power of presence. The power of mindfulness and holistic health. And the power of hard-work, patience, consistency and the law of attraction to create a fulfilling purposeful biz.

And that’s exactly what I’ve made my life purpose to share and help you with in this program. 

If I can find this peace and purpose when I had absolutely nothing, I KNOW you can find it too!

After seeing all the people who were doing it, I knew I HAD to take action, but I was going to do it in my own way, while I stayed in my secure job.

That was the hardest part, deciding. 

Because once I made the decision, all the excuses started to fall away. 

I realized I did have time, if I stopped binging the new additions on Netflix or getting caught in the dangerous cycle of scrolling my social media feeds every half hour. 

I did have the energy if I paid attention to what I put in my body and prioritized the power of movement and sleep.

Despite all of the obstacles that could have held me back throughout my life, despite the passing of my father and baby sister, despite a toxic and emotionally abusive relationship ending in divorce, despite losing my job and my home, despite leaving everything I knew and everyone I loved behind to start over in a new city...I did it.

I made the decision, I hired a coach, I took out a loan, I made serious changes in my life, and I started my very own business. 

 It wasn’t easy...there were a lot of mindset challenges and limiting beliefs I had to work through day after day, a lot of risks and a lot of challenges, but with the right help I did it and so can you

Getting a coach was way outside of my comfort zone, and taking out a loan was something I had never done aside from my student loans, and I was actually really terrified to start now. 

But I realized that if I invested in college to show up to my job, then why not invest in a coach to have my ideal health and career?

Why not for this, which I loved even more, and which required even less time and finances? 

You invested in even more time and finances for college, and show up daily to a job that’s not deeply fulfilling. 
Why would you NOT invest in yourself and show up to your own business?
The truth is, it can take years (and $$$) to start a successful business, especially on your own, when you have no idea where to even start... 

... no wonder it can seem impossible!

I am here to tell you that there is a way you can finally prioritize your wellness and bring passion back into your life by starting your own soulful, online, service-based startup.

 Without the risk of quitting your 9-5.

 While still making time for self care and personal development.

 In just 6 weeks.

 Yes, you heard that right- self-care and a soulful startup in just 6 weeks.

A program infused with lessons on how to harness your universal power.

 And reach new levels of health and wellness while working to create a meaningful business of your dreams.

 Trust me, this is not another 6 month, $10k program that promises overnight results without the work.

 It’s a real, intensive 6 week program for women just like you who are ready for more and willing to put in the work. 

 The best part?

 I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way!


Self-Care & Soulful Startup

6-week VIP Intensive Wellness + Business Program

I am offering the "Six Week Soulful Startup" course AND the "Personal Development for Maximum Success" course with tons of tools and resources to help you start your own business and wellness routine that is in alignment with the lifestyle you crave.

So you can finally end the routine cycle of heading to work everyday daydreaming about how you could be doing so much more...
For me, getting started was the hardest step. It literally took me years of effort, thousands of dollars, and way too many long days and sleepless nights to figure out exactly what goes into the first steps of starting a potential business that would work for me and my lifestyle...

But I finally did it & it was totally worth it.
Knowing this makes the rest of the process of starting a business so much easier (and a lot more exciting!).
In This Program, You Will:
  • Find mental clarity about your deeper purpose and exactly what you want
  • ​Get access to a mentor who understands what you’re going through 
  • ​Work through your fears and limiting beliefs and get the life you know you’re meant for 
  • ​Create your very own soulful startup or side-hustle and bring passion and excitement back into your life 
  • ​Have a clear understanding of how to position yourself as an expert and brand yourself in a way that aligns with your purpose 
  • ​Learn how to stop feeling anxious and live in the present
  • ​Implement the healthy habits that will leave you energized daily
  • ​Follow my 6-step system on how to curate amazing content that you’re excited to share with the world 
  • ​Overcome your fear, work through limiting beliefs and gain confidence in yourself and your ability to make a difference
  • ​Have all your back-office and frontline business systems in place
  • ​Be better able to manage your time and work smarter, not harder
  • ​Improve your overall mood, health and daily routine as a #girlboss!
Full access to the "Six Week Soulful Startup" Course, including the video presentation and downloadable Power Point slides.
The entire  "Personal Development for Maximum Success" course, so you don't have to sacrifice your self-care and happiness.
You'll finally have the online business of your dreams with all the tools for success, plus direct guidance and support throughout the program.

What's Included:

  •  Instant access to the "Six Week Soulful Startup" course + related assignments and resources
  • ​Instant access to the "Personal Development for Maximum Success" course
  • ​6+ hours of high-value content where I walk you through the step-by-step system I used to start my business
  • ​A value-packed, gorgeous workbook with exclusive lessons on integrative wellness for your mental, emotional, physical and social well-being
  • Video summaries and 30+ downloadable resources, templates, guides, worksheets and checklists to keep you happy, healthy, organized and successful every step of the way
  • ​Lifetime access to all program courses and materials so you can work at your own pace

When You Choose The Discount Plan, You'll Also Receive:

  • BONUS: Onboarding VIP package mailed straight to your door
  • ​BONUS: Startup solution package + the exact forms, templates, tools and recommendations I used in my business that I’m now passing on for your use
  • ​BONUS: Freebie section including checklists, quizzes and more (including a 31-day happiness action calendar!)
  • ​BONUS: VIP access to my direct email address where I will always get back to you within 24 - 48 hours (but usually much sooner!)
  • ​​BONUS: The opportunity to have your specific questions answered weekly, LIVE on the Spirit Life Instagram page
  • BONUS: 20% off any 1:1 meditation, mindfulness therapy, or wellness coaching session after the completion of your program 
  • BONUS: ​Invitation to apply for access to my Exclusive 1:1 VIP private coaching program, including 6 weeks of business coaching calls
Soulful Startup
  • Gain clarity on your business purpose
  • ​Define your unique brand identity
  • ​Find your target market and niche
  • ​Get organized and set-up your systems
  • ​Identify and attract your ideal client
  • ​Create a website you love, that sells!
  • ​Package and price your services
  • ​Mindset coaching and goal-setting
  • ​Social Media set-up and schedule
  • ​Bonus: Marketing 101 + SEO introduction
  • ​All the way to finding your first client!
  •   Learn the art of self-discovery
  • ​Optimum life assessment 
  • ​Reframe your mindset
  • ​Manage stress and emotions
  • ​Diet and exercise basics
  • ​Create healthy habits that actually stick
  • ​Evaluate relationships and purpose
  • ​Communication skills lesson for teaching
  • ​Manifestation and success visualization
  • ​Organization and productivity hacks
  • ​​Resources to help you live your best life!
And it's available to you today in this simple, yet incredibly effective program.
Imagine how you'll feel when you prioritize yourself and your dreams, start your own soulful business, and finally feel aligned with your purpose.

To speak with me about questions regarding this VIP wellness + business program, 
click the button below to sign up for your 15-minute "Alignment Assessment" free consultation now.

A more in-depth look at the curriculum

Module 1:

  •  The what, who, why and how: your first steps to creating a soulful startup
  • ​Discover your authentic self and learn the habit of meditation.

Module 2:

  •  Learn about the legal, financial and back office components to setting up a real business. 
  • ​Take control of your thoughts and get started with journaling on a time-crunch.

Module 3:

  • Brainstorm and learn the exact 6-step process I used to curate and organize my content.
  • ​Prioritize diet and movement as you learn about self-love and healthy habit formation. 
  • ​(Optional sales page lesson OR use this week for self-care and to catch up)

Module 4

  • Branding and website: express exactly how you want to represent yourself to your audience
  • ​Manage difficult emotions that are holding you back and build meaningful connections. 

Module 5

  • Learn how to attract clients using social media + your top social media questions answered including how to deal with haters and skyrocket your confidence levels
  • ​Use the Law of Attraction to accelerate your transformation and results + Vision Board 101!

Module 6

  • Bonus week of Introduction to marketing tips and SEO basics 
  • Bonus week filled with additional resources for productivity, organization and minimization. 
One of the topics covered that will help you 
get started quickly is learning 
how to decide what kind of business you should start.
When you can figure out the first step of what kind of business resonates with your knowledge and experience, you'll discover your ideal market which is a major factor in getting started!

And that is just ONE of the many things that you’ll learn right in the first module!
Once you figure out what kind of business you want to start and gain a deeper understanding of who you are, your next steps in starting your business and creating a more meaningful life will become crystal clear.

 You'll finally get rid of the nagging feeling that something is missing, and step into the powerful, purpose-driven life that you've always known is meant for you!

This is a special introductory offer now at a discounted rate for a limited time!

So here's the thing - Programs like this usually cost at least $5k+ and often do not include access to the coach/instructor.

Self-Care & Soulful Startup is my signature VIP transformational business and life coaching program where I care about your success!

Because of that, I have a very limited number of spots available.

But for a limited time, I am offering this entire program at a special, introductory rate right now.
This process works - and I guarantee that it will give you everything you need to start your own online service-based business - while prioritizing self-care and creating healthy habits - or your money back.
1 full payment of $3197 (save almost $400) or 2 monthly payments of $1797.
But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what my own clients are saying...
"Fatima aided me to get down to the “why” of what was blocking me from identifying my fears, limiting beliefs and resulting decisions. Fatima was instrumental in aiding me to gain the required clarity to ensure I was moving forward, confident in my direction and decisions…The plan we put together provided the desired results weeks before the scheduled completion date due to the plan being thorough, foolproof and realistic. I wouldn’t hesitate to utilize her services again to aid me in any areas I may need to gain better perspective on in the future."


"Fatima totally brightens my day! She brings such a sense of calm to our calls and is so easy to talk to. She guided me through personal breakthroughs and helped me realize things about myself that I never would have known without her help. Now I can move forward with a better sense of who I am and why I do the things I do."


"Fatima is such a brilliant and motivational coach. She showed integrity and was very devoted during our sessions. She helped me realize how important a healthy diet is and that if I want to be successful in all aspects of life, I have to be healthy from within first. She helped to become aware that my health and well-being is number one, and that in order to take care of my family and others, I have to take care of myself first. Coach Fatima made me feel like she really cared about my well-being and I’m so grateful for her!"


"My session with Fatima went really well! Her style of coaching was smooth and stayed consistent with our topic of combating negativity and creating a positive mindset. Fatima helped me break down the solutions of how to fix the problem step-by-step rather than focusing on the problem in depth, helping me realize that wouldn’t solve anything. She made sure I had someone to hold me accountable and we created an action plan to get me started right away! Thanks to coach Fatima, I am excited and looking forward to our next session!"


"Fatima is wonderful! Her voice is soothing, and the way she explains things, is in simplistic terms, so you’re able to visualize what she’s saying. She guides you through each step; keeping you focused. It was essential for me to have her, because trying to start...on my own wasn’t working. I feel really good after my sessions with her. Definitely am going to [continue working] with her!"


"Fatima is such an inspiring and motivating coach! Our sessions feel comfortable and natural, while still being transformative and guiding me towards discovering my truth. Coach Fatima is so present during our sessions and is enthusiastic and passionate about helping others. I felt she was encouraging and supportive of my goals and I can tell she is really invested in my journey."


Before I found clarity within myself and my startup dreams, I followed my work routine day after day wondering if I was meant for more. After I decided to take action, I was able to create a business I love, have the ability to put my happiness and well-being first, and wake up every day excited for my purposeful passion!

Now, I no longer feel unfulfilled with the nagging feeling that something is missing from my life...I prioritize my personal development and live joyfully in satisfaction knowing that I am making a difference every day!

I can’t make any promises that this will be an overnight miracle without a single ounce of effort.

But what I can guarantee is that if you give it your best effort and stick with it, this is one investment that will be worth it in every way. 

And I will be there to guide you every step of the way - evenings and weekend hours included!
1 full payment of $3197 (save almost $400) or 2 monthly payments of $1797.
Instant access to the "Six Week Soulful Startup" course + PowerPoint Slides
Instant Access to the "Personal Development for Maximum Success" course
6+ hours of high-value content including my step-by-step business system
A Powerful, Value-Packed, Transformative Integrative Workbook 
Video Summaries And 30+ Downloadable Resources, Templates, Guides, Checklists And Worksheets To Keep You Happy, Healthy, And Organized
Lifetime access + Comprehensive List Of Links To All Resources Mentioned
Bonus Onboarding VIP Package Mailed Straight To Your Door
Bonus Startup Solution Package (The Exact Forms, Templates, Tools And Recommendations I Used In My Business That I’m Now Passing On For Your Use)
Bonus Freebie Section Including Checklists, Quizzes And More (Plus A Free 31-Day Happiness Action Calendar)
Bonus: Direct VIP Email Access To Me With A Priority 24-48 Hour Response Time
Bonus: Option To Have Your Questions Answered Weekly, LIVE On Instagram 
Bonus: 20% Off Any 1:1 Meditation, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Or Wellness Coaching Session After The Completion Of The Program 
Bonus: Invitation To Apply For Access To My Exclusive 1:1 VIP Private Coaching Program, Including 6 Weeks Of Business Coaching Calls
Do I have to be a coach to take the program?

Absolutely not! This offer is designed for any woman who is currently working in a professional job, whether it's corporate or service-based! It is ideal for anyone who is considering starting an online soulful startup!

Who is the course for?

This program is perfect for anyone who has found outer success as a professional in a day job but feels unfulfilled knowing they are meant for more. Whether it's a boss, employee or assistant at a corporate office from 9-5, or whether you work as a therapist, healthcare worker, holistic healers, creative services, yoga teacher or the arts!

Do I have to know what kind of business I want to start?

Nope - that's actually one of the main things you will discover during this program. You'll gain an understanding of what you can do and how you can help your ideal clients even if you've never even considered these aspects before.

When does the course start and finish?

This course starts as soon as you’re ready to begin and it never ends, since you can work at your own pace and have lifetime access to all course materials and resources! 

How do I know this isn’t just another program I end up paying for but won’t really work?

Well, it won’t work unless you do. But if you show up, follow the program, and put in the work, I am confident it will work! The program is filled with simple, actionable steps and takes a light-hearted approach so you’re not stressed out and can truly enjoy the process! The things you will learn have been exactly what transformed my own life and the lives of so many others - it can do the same for you! Just to be clear, there is no overnight magical solution where I do the work for you, but the only thing that can hold you back in this program is you. 

What makes this program different from all the other programs out there?

Not only will you start up a passion-driven business, but you will strengthen your sense of self, enhance your overall well-being, and elevate your life to a new level of success. 

A deeper level of success that is as glorious on the inside as much as it shows on the outside. 

As I do with all my programs, clients and patients, we will take a light-hearted approach in which we honor the present moment in a loving and aligned approach that feels simple rather than overwhelming, and emphasis is always placed on the balance of working hard and playing hard- Get your work done and have some fun!

What if I need more?

If, after the course, you still feel that you need additional help, remember that you will automatically receive 20% off any one-on-one coaching package with Fatima. You will also receive an invitation to access an exclusive, 1:1 private business coaching program with 6 weeks of coaching calls. This is only available to students of this Spirit Life signature course, so be sure to take advantage of this great offer!

Are there payment options? How do I pay?

Yes, you can either pay in full and receive 10% off or you can divide the payments in half and pay half upfront and half midway through the program. ***Limited time discount plan available under certain conditions*** + Feel free to use credit card or Paypal credit at checkout.

What is the schedule?

This is a six-week course but the pace in which you complete it is entirely up to you. Ideally, you will complete the lessons as directly on a daily and weekly basis to complete the program in six weeks. You are more than welcome to take your time and complete one course at a time, completing both courses in 12 weeks as well!

How long will I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? You will have complete access to everything mentioned above - forever. You can access them anytime, any place, and refer back to them as much and as often as you'd like!

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you currently have a 9-5 job or career that doesn’t excite you, if you find yourself wondering if you’re meant for more, if you’ve ever thought about starting your own business but didn’t know where to start, if you often feel down, stuck, unenergized and just crave a real and lasting change, this program is for you! If you are still here and serious about making real changes in your life, then that’s a surefire sign that this course IS for YOU.

I have more questions before I commit.

No problem! I’d be happy to answer your questions. Click HERE to sign up for a free 15-minute "Alignment Assessment" call so we can figure it out together, or email me at and I will do my best to ensure all your concerns are addressed before signing up. 
If you're still here, this program is for you!

I know how overwhelming it can seem to so desperately want to create a life of abundance, joy, purpose and freedom - the life you KNOW you're meant for - but have no idea how to get there. But the first step is always the hardest

I know you can do it and I am here to help. 

Ignite your inner spark and rediscover the passion you lost from your job as you learn to embrace your creativity and divine purpose, and prioritize wellness and happiness while creating your very own purposeful service-based business! 

6 weeks of wellness, business, and life coaching with step-by-step actions to not only create a thriving business, but to do so while enjoying the process and seeing real results. 

We make sure to also incorporate healthy habits, mindset shifts and soul work, so if you’re ready to invest in yourself and completely transform your life and career then apply below- I can’t wait to hear from you! 

And, I guarantee this offer will help you start your own soulful, service-based online business AND create healthy habits for self-care... or your money back.
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